Summer Down Under 2020

The Summer Down Under is always the highlight of my summer season. Firstly thank you to Wheelchair Sports NSW and GIO for another amazing series.

I was a bit worried about how the current bushfires would affect the air quality and my performance but every athlete was in the same position, so I forged ahead, keen to compete.

It’s always great catching up with friends and meeting new friends, racing with some of the best wheelchair racers in the world and the opportunity to have new experiences.

…and they’re off!! Time to get the arms pumping

Did I complete the goal of beating my personal best times? Yes. 

Am I happy? Yes. 

Key Results in my T34 classifiction:

  • 2nd in the 100m twice (and qualifying for Nationals…woohoo)

  • 1st in the 200m

  • 1st in the 400m

  • 2nd in the 800m

Karla at the start…”ooh, is that a penny?”

Once completing the summer down under series Canberra, I also competed in the ACT state athletic championships, which was also successful, excluding the crash in the 800m but I was still able to finish second.

You can never script racing.

I learnt a lot of new things and will continue to learn that’s what this sport is all about. 

I am super happy with what I have achieved so far and am extremely thankful to my team, family and friends for their continuous support.

Thank you to Glen Braithwaite of Hold Fast photography for the images you see in this post, no posing just pure sport at it’s finest.

Also big thanks to Rick from Natural Army Apparel, Sam McIntosh and Dave from Geelong Adaptive Sports for your support and coaching.

<Eye of the Tiger playing> Yes, I was actually moving. No it’s not a still photo. My facial expression needs some work tho

New Year…New Goals

Hey Everyone, 

I realise it’s been a while – Sorry!

Yes, I got to have a rest day for Christmas and overindulged in dessert because calories don’t count on Christmas Day! 😉

As the saying goes New Year New Me, right?

Well no, not for me exactly, this year I haven’t done any new year’s resolutions.  

I did however sit down with my team (thanks Sam and Dave) late last year and set out my goals for this yearIt’s important to sit down and make sure we are all on the same page and can plan for the desired outcomes.

What are my goals for the Year?

1. Beat my Personal Best times
2. Race overseas

The start of the year is always the busiest time for me. I have the annual Summer Down Under competition which is the opportunity to race with some of the best wheelchair racers in the world. As always it’s in Canberra and I’m super keen to see how I go. It’ll be a litmus rest of how my training is going.

How do I prepare for events like these?

Race locally and try and beat my personal best – already completed this goal for 2020 this year – starting the year on the right track 😊.

Nutrition – Make sure I’m eating the right things – dietary specific.

Hydration – Getting enough water and salt especially after training and racing to reduce muscle cramping.

Ensure that all my equipment is running correctly 

Then the rest is up to me, 

Until next time, 


Karla finishing at the 2019 Great Ocean Road Race