New Year…New Goals

Hey Everyone, 

I realise it’s been a while – Sorry!

Yes, I got to have a rest day for Christmas and overindulged in dessert because calories don’t count on Christmas Day! 😉

As the saying goes New Year New Me, right?

Well no, not for me exactly, this year I haven’t done any new year’s resolutions.  

I did however sit down with my team (thanks Sam and Dave) late last year and set out my goals for this yearIt’s important to sit down and make sure we are all on the same page and can plan for the desired outcomes.

What are my goals for the Year?

1. Beat my Personal Best times
2. Race overseas

The start of the year is always the busiest time for me. I have the annual Summer Down Under competition which is the opportunity to race with some of the best wheelchair racers in the world. As always it’s in Canberra and I’m super keen to see how I go. It’ll be a litmus rest of how my training is going.

How do I prepare for events like these?

Race locally and try and beat my personal best – already completed this goal for 2020 this year – starting the year on the right track 😊.

Nutrition – Make sure I’m eating the right things – dietary specific.

Hydration – Getting enough water and salt especially after training and racing to reduce muscle cramping.

Ensure that all my equipment is running correctly 

Then the rest is up to me, 

Until next time, 


Karla finishing at the 2019 Great Ocean Road Race

The Natural Army advantage

Hey Everyone,

Today’s blog is a bit of a shout out to my new sponsor Natural Army Apparel.

I am an athlete and when you’re sweating in the gym or churning through the kilometres out on the road or track, sometimes the last thing you think about is “is this gear comfortable?”

After coach has put me through a few sets or after a couple of laps on the track, it becomes super important.

Over the last few weeks, I started searching for comfortable and long lasting active wear. It’s can be a bit of a fine art especially if you’re like me and practically live in it. Quality active wear is important as it can also aid recovery after a long hard training sessions. 

I had a few key criteria that I was looking for:

1. It looks good – a girl has to look her best regardless of sweatiness

2. Hard wearing – remember I live in this stuff 

3. Local – I want to support our local industry if possible. The big guys get enough exposure!

I found Natural Army Apparel (thanks Google!!), had a read of founder Rick’s story on the “About Us” page, checked out some of his gear online and thought “here is someone who seems to get it”. So, I bit the bullet and approached Rick, you can only get a yes or no answer, right?

After a few chats, both of us sussing each other out to see if we are about the same things, I’m super excited to announce that I am now a part of Natural Army Apparel crew. Rick is a big promotor of local athletes, achieving their goals NATURALLY.

Have we used this image before?? Who cares…Karla is looking fresh, thanks to her Natural Army Apparel tee

Not only does Natural Army Apparel active wear look fresh it,works for me as they provide great quality and comfortablecompression tights and tank tops (just to name a few) which is extremely important considering the amount of training, I do weekly.

Whether it be benching a personal best in the gym, skating at your local skate park (G.A.S coach comment – stay away from those skate parks in competition season Karla!!!) or smashing down a protein shake, Natural Army Apparel has your active and streetwear needs sorted!

Thank you to Rick Westman for seeing the potential and for allowing me to show my sport and ability to the community.

In the end it always helps asking a question because you never know what opportunities await.

Looking forward to showcasing some big things.

Watch this space.



P.S Who doesn’t love a discount?! 

Use KARLA10 at the checkout at 😊