When I’m with athletes I have two goals.

The first is to improve performance, ensuring we are doing the right things at the right time,this is called periodisation. Adapting the workouts to align with competitions, the need for recovery and the specific development of strength, power, hypertrophy and endurance.

Just as important is to improve their health. We are ‘regular joes’ longer than we are athletes and it’s important to set ourselves, athletes and people we train to live the healthiest life they can. Strength and conditioning training plays a key role in this.

That being said, success in sport should be celebrated and we here at G.A.S are stoked to see Karla having some well deserved recognition of her efforts.

She took out the 100, 200, 400 and 800 metre events at the Victorian State Championships and we’d like to think our training played its part.

Congrats Karla!!

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