Never Give Up

Hey Everyone,

As the saying goes, When Life gives you lemons make lemonade right? Or if you’re Beyoncé…you write a bestselling album!

Image: Karla (not Beyoncé) making lemonade at training

In the couple of years, that I’ve been racing I’ve had a lot of different experiences:

    I’ve fallen backwards in the chair way too many times, (it’s always when people are watching why?)
    Gone down hills in training multiple times with so much speed that I ended up on one wheel, Mum caught that on video whilst also filming the ground because you know my life flashed before my eyes safe to say I didn’t go down that hill again…

I learn something new every time I race, for example don’t accidently snap a tyre valve in a middle of a race.

I never ever do things in halves, but lesson learnt.

Some experiences have been interesting but like anything, there is always positives.

My two biggest achievements so far have been, (watch this space though, as this list is going to get longer)

  • A 23-minute PB in my favourite road race
  • Winning my 3rd state championship whilst going through a personal family tragedy

Most of all I learn every time I train, whether it be pushing myself to the limit, I’m also learning to not be so hard on myself (that’s my coaches job J) – Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Racing whilst an individual sport, it’s also a team sport, I don’t only race for myself, I race for my family.

But in the end when the going gets tough, I will Never Give Up because I know I have the best team supporting me,

I hope I made you laugh or cry because I know I did.



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