Starting out

Starting out a new exercise program can be daunting. Going into the gym and seeing all the equipment, people grunting and sweating can make the experience a bit nerve wracking.

So, how can you lower that anxiety? Easy, talk to someone. As a provider of strength and conditioning programs I find the key thing is to talk to my clients and importantly take them through the gym and exercises a week before we are going to start.

This way, questions can be asked without the pressure of doing it for the first time or when you’re half-way through a rep!!

If you don’t have a trainer, most gyms (well, the good ones), will happily take you on a guided tour and answer any questions you may have. My recommendation is to take advantage of this offer and do so at a busy time so you can also get a feel for the types of people that habitate the gym. Not everyone is comfortable with grunting noises or loud Dubstep.

Karla working through a pull down. Machines are a good way to get used to a new movement in a controlled way.

She is smiling here, but the next day…not so much. Remember: pain is bad, soreness is ok. Rehydrate, refuel and rest.

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