Over the introductory program that I designed for Karla, we started out with an understanding of where here baseline limits were and began a gradual increase in load. This was achieved by designing a 8 week periodisation plan which saw us transition through each of the elements of training – strength, hypertrophy, power and endurance.

Even though we gained some good functional and strength improvements (a.k.a “beginner gains” for those fluent in bro-science speak) it is important not to increase the load too quickly. This can lead to poor form and even injury, some athletes and new starters may find it can affect their confidence as they are failing to complete reps and sets due to loads being too high.

Above: A happy Karla after a new PB for bench press!

Karla’s improvements were also reflected in improved times on the racetrack and it is something we will continue to monitor and adapt our program around.

If you need some advice or want to start training with us, get in touch via or via our Facebook page

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